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How to Run A Successful PR Showroom

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Tara Robinson
How to Run A Successful PR Showroom

How to Run A Successful PR Showroom

As a Fashion Publicist or Showroom Manager, you have a lot of work at hand while representing your client or clients. However, do you know that having an organized PR showroom is key to setting yourself up for success?

Running a PR showroom is a hands-on job providing a physical space where you get to offer sample management and even get to face the buyers in person. A PR person is critical in the fashion industry, and branding yourself as competent is just as important for the brand you represent. Here we present a few tips to ensure you run the showroom efficiently and effectively.

Manage Inventory Better

The fashion stylist you are working with might have a shoot coming up that will be a perfect opportunity for you to display new items for the season. Know that and keep track of these opportunities. Do not delay in notifying them of any updates regarding the inventory items. Likewise, you might also want to inform the buyers of any stylist who specializes in a particular style. Be fashion-conscious and know the different trends. Keep track of the goods in hand in your showroom and the old stock. Using a sample management platform that allows you to share your virtual showroom with stylist and editors is key!

Make the PR Customer-friendly

As a bridge between clients and stylists, you will do well by keeping a note of their birthdays and their personal favorites. Send them gifts or mementos when they achieve an award or do great business that year. Likewise, do the same for the special customers the stylists pull requests for. These little gestures go a long way.

Be on Your Toes

The job of a fashion PR is tough, and managing a showroom can get tricky as well. Setting up a stunning boutique-like showroom, having staff members to fold, unfold, and do expert sample management is all no child’s play. Ensure you take care of every little fashion trend happening and alert the stylist of any event or pulls.

Quantify Success

Monitor the sales made every month and the stock you have every week. In the business world, it all comes down to figures and so ensure you note every little work you do while giving the figure it directly infers to in money. Having a system that generates reports and keeps tracks of credits can make showing your ROI much easier.

Take baby steps, but make sure to walk and run, this is a marathon, not a sprint. There are no shortcuts, but the fashion industry has immense potential. So, make the most of these changes in your PR showroom and take it to great heights. Furthermore, you can seek professional help from the best fashion PR agency. They can make a superior marketing strategy by exploring the brand and its customers. Besides, they research your competitors and, most importantly, demographic to meet your short-term and long-term objectives.