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Why You Need Sample Management In Your Instagram Boutique Business Strategy

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Tara Robinson
Why You Need Sample Management In Your Instagram Boutique Business Strategy

Why You Need Sample Management In Your Instagram Boutique Business Strategy

Chosen the perfect platform for your Instagram boutique? Check!

Developed a clear pricing strategy? Check!

Established your boutique’s unique brand? Check!

Now, the only thing that is missing from your Instagram boutique business strategy checklist is what sample management platform you’re going to use to manage your PR samples.

Sample management systems will help manage your samples effectively whenever you want to send your PR samples to fashion publications, Influencers, celebrities or to photoshoots to get exposure and press opportunities. A lot of high fashion brands like Dior, Gucci, and Christian Louboutin all utilize sample management softwares in their business strategy to maximise their profits. Sample tracking systems helps fashion brands minimize lost and unreturned PR samples by being able to instantly see who to contact when samples go missing. They also get details about their most in-demand and requested samples which helps them to select which magazines they should send their most valuable samples to. Additionally, they maximize sales opportunities by uploading products to e-commerce sites faster by quickly locating items so that samples arrive at photo studios on time and slow down potential setbacks. Lastly, they generate better monthly reports by including exact details of where they sent their samples to, whom they were sent to, details of the shoot, the photographers, etc.

Without the use of sample management systems in your Instagram Boutique PR/ Business strategy you run the risk of causing huge problems to your business such as time wasted searching for lost samples, unreturned samples, products not accounted for when being sent out and damaged goods which are costly to replace. Luckily for you, sample trafficking softwares such as TracksRacks can help take care of the sample management process for you.

TracksRacks has worked with reputable brands, so you can expect high quality sample management services. The system uses product recognition, QR codes and client databases to simplify the tracking process and decrease sample loss from check-ins to returns by notifying you when samples are reported lost or stolen so you are always on top of your samples.Their services also provide reliable messengers to return samples. If you are not sure which messengers you can trust to return your valuable samples, you can use TracksRacks’ systems to see ratings on each messenger, eliminating your fear of thieves picking up your valuable samples. Additionally, TracksRacks is a web and mobile platform, so you can always know where your samples are anytime and anywhere!

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