Sample management platform

Digitalize your sample trafficking process and increase team performance

Increase your employee accountability

TracksRacks allows you to see exactly which employee checked in sample , reports lost and damage samples and notifies you immediately. The system has a unique log-in for each employee and specifies that they give a detailed report for each sample delivery and sample return.

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Identify samples instantly

Our QR technology allows you to use the camera in your mobile device or your desktop and laptop to scan the QR codes on your samples and your identity samples! You can pull all the information on the samples instantly.

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Create shareable virtual showroom

Stop wasting time sending lookbooks via email! Those huge email attachments take forever to upload and use up a lot space in your email. Now you can share the samples in your virtual showroom with a quick shareable link.  Samples that aren't available are automatically hidden and samples you don't want to loan out can be hidden.

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Upload the samples to your showroom

Select the sample image and tag the designer. Enter important SKU information and a unique QR will be generated for the sample. You can also bulk upload samples to your virtual showroom.


Loan out samples

Now that your samples are in your showroom you can handle pull request and transfers with easy. Select the samples you are loaning out and enter the client information and when you expect the samples to be returned!

Generate reports & performance stats

Our platform keeps track of performance stats such as sample loss, late samples and damage samples to make sure your sample management team are on top of things! We also generate important reports such as popularity reports.


Our Features

Late Sample

Alert your team and message contacts when a sample has not be returned on time!

Automate Pull Request

Send your showroom link to your clients to select the samples they want to pull. You can approve, deny and modify the request.

In-app Communication

Send emails to your clients and team members as samples are checked in and out!

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